Kapha types are restless, complex, interesting contradictions. You will also find that despite being quite athletic, they actually need plenty of motivation, without which they can easily become overnight.  On the plus side, they are certainly highly sensitive, but in return they do need quite a lot of sensitive handling. All in all are thoroughly reliable, methodical people, and with that extra energy input will always stay one step ahead.

Elements: water and earth
Climate: cold and damp
Principle: cohesion.
Emotions: stubbornness, greed, jealousy, possessiveness, lethargy, reliability and methodical behaviour, kindliness, motherliness.
Systems most affected by excess kapha: joints, lymphatics, body fluids and mucous membranes throughout the body.
Symptoms of excess kapha: congestion, bronchial/nasal discharge, sluggish digestion, nausea, slow mental responses, idleness, desire for sleep, excess weight, fluid retention.

  • The kapha body type is well built, with a tendency to weight problems, especially if an exercise programme is not followed to keep the kapha active and moving. Kapha people are naturally athletic but they do need motivation.
  • They are generally very sensitive and emotional, and they do require understanding otherwise they tend to turn to food as an emotional support and stabilizer
  • They should always ensure that what they eat is suitable for their body type.
  • Their hair will be thick, fine and wavy, their skin soft, smooth and sensuous, and their eyes large, trusting and attractive.
  • Kaphapeople are inclined to be slow and steady, methodical and pragmatic, with a real dislike of change.
  • They make good managers though, because they like to be reliable and available.
  • They act like an anchor in a business because they have an innate organizing ability.
  • Note that bright, strong, striking colours will greatly help to reduce any excess kapha, and stimulate those who are feeling slow, sluggish and dull.

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